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Automated Radiology Reports for Dentists
You take the scan, we’ll do the rest.

How It Works


Take a radiograph of the area of interest


DentalRay automatically sends the radiograph to our network of radiologists


A medical radiologist interprets the radiograph and sends back a report within 48 hours


Your office receives a medical reimbursement

Elevate Your Standard of Care

By having every radiograph reviewed by a radiologist, DentalRay helps you increase the standard of care for your patients. Our certified radiologists diagnose non-dental pathology and shed light onto areas you may have missed. Your patients will love the increased transparency and additional insights that come from the radiology reports and will reward you with increased trust and loyalty.

I love that we don’t have to do anything. All scans are simply sent to a radiologist for interpretation, which allows us to improve our standard of care for our patients.

Dr. David Gallup, DDS
Hilltop Family Dental

Many dentists don’t know how to read CBCT scans and so they’re afraid of the liability. DentalRay helps us decrease the risk of litigation and provides radiology reports that are easy to undersand.

Dr. Jared Brown, DMD
Wasatch Orthodontics

DentalRay has bridged the gap for dentists trying to provide optimal care for their patients. Now I can use my cone beam to place implants without worrying about missing unseen pathology. DentalRay is the radiology solution I have been wanting for a long time..

Dr. Jonathan Jackson, DDS
Grove Creek Dental

Expand Your Dentistry
By increasing compliance and decreasing the risk of litigation, DentalRay can help you expand into new services. Start now and begin earning more.
Increase the ROI on Your CBCT Machine

The upfront cost of a CBCT machine can be overwhelming. Fortunately for you, DentalRay has a solution to help you recoup some of those costs. Did you know that with accreditation, radiology interpretations can be billed to the patient’s insurance company?

About DentalRay

DentalRay is a leading radiology interpretation platform that provides dentists with comprehensive radiology reports within 48 hours of a radiograph. Leveraging its automated system and national network of radiologists, DentalRay is able to deliver exceptional radiological interpretations without the cumbersome processes and lengthy delays posed by traditional methods. With DentalRay, dentists are able to elevate their standard of care, decrease their risk of litigation, and get a significant ROI on their CBCT machines.

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